The Period Poem by Dominique Christina

So I came across a most incredible spoken word artist and was inspired by this one particular poem. In “The Period Poem”, Spoken word artist, Dominique Christina discusses the issue of a woman’s menstrual cycle in a most unique way. Even as a 20 something black woman living on my own I still feel an air of embarrassment when it comes to negotiating how I am to handle this flow of blood in public.

However, after hearing this poem I felt a certain empowerment about being a woman and being especially strong enough to be able to handle a flow of blood for 5 days and all the symptoms and situations that goes along with it.

Take a look at the poem below and share your own period story.

I got my period when I was 14 years old and a freshmen in high school and I thought this was the worst punishment ever. I thought this was the worst reward for becoming a woman and not being pregnant. But, having a period means more than losing dead insides, it means that every month we have a chance to renew and grow stronger. So I thank Mother Nature for preparing me for womanhood in more ways than one. I am not ashamed that my body is working as it is supposed to, thanks to Eve.

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2 thoughts on “The Period Poem by Dominique Christina

  1. Hi Jessica, Thanks for this post. Not only is it a time for renewal its also a time to listen to yourself. During PMS our feel good hormones actually decrease and our true feelings often emerge. Its a good time for introspection. In some Native American cultures, menstruation was seen as a sacred time. I think its time we stop being ashamed that we bleed. Instead we should celebrate it. And see beyond the ‘o now you can get pregnant’. Our cycle also implies a cycle of creativity as well.


    1. I agree completely there is such a culture of shaming around women’s issues when really that are not issues at all. They are nature’s amazing way of keeping us whole, complete, balanced and renewed.


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