4 Black Women Artists You Need to Hear Now!!

In honor of Black Music Month, I want to take this opportunity to spotlight some lesser known Black female artists that deserve the spotlight.

Ari Lennox1. Ari Lennox – This Washington D. C. indie artist has the voice of a UK artist and the soul of Minne Ripperton. Her high pitch vocals in song “Bound” will pull you into the music. With the voice of an opera singer, this girl can blow! This girl with the big hair and the even bigger voice deserves your ear. Listen to her song “La La La La”.






Sevyn-Streeter-BANS-Video-Teaser2. Sevyn Streeter – This florida born singer songwriter you may have heard of recently but she has the potential to be more than just a great new artist. She’s got the voice and the lyrics to be one of the next greats. Listen to her latest single “B.A.N.S” which stands for “Bitch Ass Nigga Shit”. This song is dedicated to half of the male population that just can’t seem to do right by women.



netta-brielle-its-the-weekend 3. Netta Brielle – This box braid wearing chic, has a song for every emotion, including an awesome pre game song featuring B.o.B. Listen to “It’s the Weekend”. This track will put you in the right mood to celebrate the weekend. Also listen to her acapella version of “Don’t Walk away”, this girl can really blow!







Mapei 4. Mapei – This Swedish- American recording artist has a single that instantly draws you in. Her Latest single “Don’t Wait” has an upbeat pop vibe with a few surprising rap lyrics from her. The single is from her debut EP The Cocoa Butter Diaries, released in 2009. Her debut album us scheduled for release September 23, 2014.

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