What has happened to Black Television???

black tv So the T.V. junkie that I am, is burning up inside about the lack of classic black shows on television. Growing up in the late 90’s afforded me the opportunity to view a host of great television. In one afternoon, I could catch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Kenan and Kel,Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Moesha and The Steve Harvey Show. 

The only way, I’m going to catch that much black love and comedy on my television today is if I am watching TVOne, BET or late night MTV. Once more the few shows that feature black characters like ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder and Black-ish are not enough to give a real representation of black life today. While ABC Family’s weekly line up does feed into my guilty pleasure of drama and suspense, some situations just would not go down on a black show or rather the reaction would be completely different.

Black-ish, a sitcom about raising a black family in a white space, is a hilarious breath of fresh air to the wednesday night line-up. My worry is that audiences that get caught up in the VH1 reality show madness won’t appreciate the importance of a show like this.Yet, a show like How to Get Away with Murder, has taken audiences by storm as it should providing a new age who done it drama. The question is too, how long will a show like this last on primetime television.

The problem is, we as a culture are more interested in watching petty conflict rather than quality content. We need to show support to shows like Nick jr.’s Instant Mom and the few like it, rather than celebrate and applaud reality TV. Reality TV producers will continue to make bank on exploiting black culture and petty drama until we say enough is enough.

Usually these arguments target what is important for kids to see as they grow up. As a young black woman in her 20’s it is equally important for me to see my self on the small screen.

What are your thoughts??

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2 thoughts on “What has happened to Black Television???

  1. I think you’re spot on — we need a lot more representation on TV. The fact that it has decreased over the years is so disheartening. I would love to see the shows you named on Netflix so I could re-watch those, while still supporting new content like Black-ish.

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