DeAmor Magazine, Cola City’s First Luxury Magazine

IMG_5505 Publisher and editor Chasity Davis is taking the Columbia scene by storm. De Amor Magazine can be found on shelves all over town, in coffee shops, salons and studios. The magazine features regular articles on food, fitness, home decor, travel, beauty, finances, cars, fashion, music and literature.

My favorite section, is that of literature, to which the featuring article is titled “A Good Read”, written by me. Each issue, I introduce readers to an interesting read in relation to the season. The latest article features the short story collections of J. California Cooper. Cooper’s tales remind readers that life is for the living in Life is Short but Wide. While life may be short, we still owe it to ourselves to make the most out of life. In Some Love, Some Pain, Some Time, We are reminded that life comes in stages and those stages don’t always coincide with one another but at least we can say that we have experienced love and pain and learned from it.

The next issue will feature some great summer reads. Be sure to pick a copy in town.

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