If you like Daily Affirmations and Dope Beats Meet Tracy G

12135198_1014126545344707_178326142_n(1) Tracy G. is the newest female voice on Sway In The Morning show on SiriusXM’s Shade4. On the show, Tracy G “provides commentary and correspondence for MTV, VH1, BET, FUSE, REVOLT and other various media outlets.” While she is an expert on pop culture, she “is mega passionate about: PERSONAL WELLNESS, FITNESS, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, the POLITICS OF LOVE & LUST, SEXUALITY and FREEDOM OF WEIRDNESS.”

Recently she has been motivating young women through her SoundCloud account by providing “Audio Vision Boards”.The audio vision boards serve as a” series of modernized, affirmations that offer an empowering, non-holier- than-thou, mega digestible voice anytime, anywhere right in our headphones.” So instead of watching a 40 min inspiration video, Tracy G offers tracks 3-5 minutes long supplying good vibes to help you get motivated anywhere you are. From getting you and your man out of bed in the morning to wishing good vibes to your life and green in your wallet, Tracy G has got you covered. She’s your biggest cheerleader and greatest motivator.

You can download Tracy G.’s first official EP Love, Light And That Good Sh*t: Audio Affirmations For Today’s Dope Woman on iTunes , Google Play or  stream it on Spotify or SoundCloud. On her first EP, Tracy explains what affirmations are and how they can help you if you put them into practice. One of my favorite lines from the album “I am over and done with living up to my lowest potential” makes me reconsider the way I live my life. I am encouraged to be my best self and in doing so, watch the life I want unfold.  Reciting and indulging in affirmations is not just wishful thinking it is a way to visualize connecting where you are now to the person you wish to be. By evaluating my actions now, I can accomplish my goals and make for a better future. If you are  interested in living up to your fullest potential listen to good vibes supplied by Tracy. G.

Listen to my favorite track below.


What are your go-to affirmations?

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