ReCreatingHerStory Summer Book Club

sassafrassSettle down and enjoy a good book this summer. This summer, I am making a goal to read a few new books! The list includes;

  1. Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo: A Novel by Ntozake Shange (June)
  2. Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dash (July)
  3. I Almost Forgot about You by Terry McMillan.  (August)

Sign up for my newsletter and earn weekly check ins. There will be a open discussion available on my Facebook event page. Each week try to read 4 chapters and make note of recurring themes and issues you feel of importance.

The discussion will start Friday at 8PM but feel free to leave your comments about the weeks chapters anytime. The first discussion will be Friday June 3rd, this will be more introductory about the club and initial thoughts about the book. Deeper discussions will follow starting June 10th.

Don’t feel pressured to meet a deadline, just read what you can and join in the discussions with your thoughts. Please reach out to me about any questions.

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Blogger: ReCreating the way the world reads the stories of Black Women by encouraging growth through Self-Love + Self-Care

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