4 Things I know for sure at 24

So having had a recent birthday has caused me to rethink something’s. As I move futher into my twenties, I am understanding that I know less about life than I thought I did. but also by paying more attention I have learned a few things.

1. No one is gonna take better care of you than you! Don’t wait on family or friends or even a relationship to show you or provide happiness for you. Your happiness depends on you! Do what makes you happy and rely on that.

2. No one has it together in their twenties and sometimes not even in their 30’s your time table is exactly that so don’t judge your life according to that of others.

3. Dreams change! I’m sure in elementary school you had a dream to be a princess or a ninja turtle and then in high school you discovered that it was more partial to be a lawyer or professor. Don’t get discouraged when your life plans don’t go as you dreamed. Take a breath and start a new dream. Create a vision board and discover what you really love right now.

2. Give the proper thanks and gratitude when it’s due. Be sure to show appreciation when others show you kindness. Keep it touch with family because that are your blood and you owe that to them. Keep in touch with good friends. Be sure to check on those important people in your life.20140710-195210-71530601.jpg

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