This blog was relaunched in 2017 with a strong focus to encourage Black Women on their wellness journey as I document my life lessons from the millennial perspective. If you’re an advocate of self-love, self-care and mental health awareness then you’re in the right place. You can expect to receive affirmations, journal prompts and the ultimate cheerleader as you continue on your journey to becoming your best self and living an authentic life. 

After being diagnosed with anxiety in 2016, I started doing the soul work to be more in control of my life by responding rather than reacting to my triggers. In this blog I share some of the tips that have helped me to grow and evolve as a Black woman. I am a Southern Gal, currently in Columbia, SC. I love practicing yoga, reading a good book and sipping a warm cup of tea. Brainstorming and binge watching Netflix shows are also among my special skills.

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello Jessica, your journey is so inspiring and I love what your blog is about! Being a feminist myself, I believe there needs to be more perspectives like ours within the African American community. Keep it up!!


    1. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for your positive comments. I love meeting fellow feminists and I completely love what your blog is about. I recently did the big chop after transitioning for about 4 months and during that process I learned more and more the importance of natural and what is being said about it. I appreciate your perspective as well.


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