ReCreatingHerStory is a blog dedicated to ReCreating the way the world reads the story of  black women by giving them the power to recreate their identity. This blog seeks to counter the negative stereotypes of black women by giving them permission to be themselves.

This blog will focus on the reinvention of black women by offering support in areas of;

  • Black Womanhood: targeting issues that specifically affect black women.
  • Wellness + Self-Care: understanding that to be our best selves we must make caring for ourselves a priority.
  • Mental Health: Coping with anxiety, depression & life as a  Highly Sensitive Person
  • Analyzing books written by Black women as a form of entertainment + understanding ourselves and our sisters.

We will also feature and host local events hosted by Black Women.

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello Jessica, your journey is so inspiring and I love what your blog is about! Being a feminist myself, I believe there needs to be more perspectives like ours within the African American community. Keep it up!!


    1. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for your positive comments. I love meeting fellow feminists and I completely love what your blog is about. I recently did the big chop after transitioning for about 4 months and during that process I learned more and more the importance of natural and what is being said about it. I appreciate your perspective as well.


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