Afternoon Tea with CW4CE

cw4ce tea Local Columbia organization, Carolina Women for Change & Empowerment hosted their first annual Ladies Tea on Saturday September 6, 2014. The afternoon tea, was a lesson in etiquette for many of the guests in attendance.

Guest speaker Kea Tyson, originally from London, England, explained the history of Tea and the concept behind “The Afternoon Tea”. The hat wearing audience learned that there are four types of tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea.

Wealthy women in England in the 1840’s began the tradition of serving afternoon tea between the hours of 4PM and 6PM. Afternoon Tea served as a buffer between breakfast and dinner and consisted of Tea drinking and eating finger sandwiches and Danishes. There are several different types of social teas, including Low Tea or Afternoon Tea, High Tea, Cream Tea and Royal Tea. High Tea is typically a full meal where tea is served as the drink. Cream Tea is a version of afternoon tea in which scones and jam is served. Royal Tea is often served with champagne.

Mrs. Tyson also explained to the ladies in the crowd the proper social graces to avoid a social faux pas. Below are a few lessons;

1. Always RSVP if you are invited to an event

2. Always open your napkin below the table and place it on your lap.

3. Do not use a cloth napkin to blow your nose.

4. When leaving the table do not place your napkin on the table. place it on your seat.

5. Always blot your lipstick before eating. Do not leave lipstick stains on dinnerware.

6. Do not hold your pinky in the air when drinking tea, use pinky to balance cup.

7. Do hold up your pinky when eating finger food.

8. Do not blow tea to cool, wait for it to cool.

9. Never place your purse on the floor, place it behind you or on your lap.

Following the lesson in etiquette the guests broke out into group sessions based on age. Ladies 6-8 discussed issues of self-esteem and bullying with Ms. Tammie Anderson. Ladies 12-17 discussed social media, sexting and code switching with Ms. Icelynn Baldwin. Ladies 18 and older discussed health and wellness with Mrs. Megan Thomas.

The founders of CW4CE put together a wonderfully engaging and informative event! Carolina Women for Change & Empowerment is a nonprofit organization  of women actively and effectively serving the people and communities of the Carolinas through compassion empowerment and volunteerism. The organization is currently accepting new members. Visit

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