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You may have seen the singer/songwriter Alicia Keys as a judge on season 11 of The Voice. This season of The Voice is the first to have 2 women coaches. Along fellow judge Miley Cyrus, Alicia has been sharing her magic, wisdom and insight with the hopeful contestants. On the show Alicia supports each contestant by encouraging them to be true to self by embracing their uniqueness. It has been very encouraging to watch Alicia give advice and insight to the contestants. You can watch The Voice Mondays & Tuesdays at 8PM.

Recently Alicia released her 7th studio album Here. In this 16 track album, we are exposed to all sides of Keys, the mother, black woman and human. In “Blended Family”, she praises her relationship with her step-son and the dynamic of her non-traditional family. In “Girl Can’t be Herself” she reaffirms her no makeup lifestyle. Keys chooses not to cover up any part of herself especially her face. In “hallelujah” she reminds us that she is human, as she prays over her sins. “Illusion of Bliss” we feel the emotion in her voice and are reminded of all the times we lie to ourselves about how we truly feel.

Alicia’s voice is dynamic in the album as she gives her fans a bit of a different sound. “She don’t Really Care” and “Pawn it all”, produced by her hubby Swiss Beats we hear that hip hop influence. The album is filled with highs and lows and the genuine realness  we have come to know and love about Alicia Keys.

Listen to “Blended Family Below”

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