Amanda Seales’ “Death Of The Diva”

death of the divaCulture critic, artist and activist formerly know as Amanda Diva has put death to the Diva. All references formerly known as diva have since forth must ceased and desist. In an completely newand original   one-woman musical narrative Seales critiques “pop culture’s portray of women” especially in music and television.
 The former Diva notes that her inspiration for this project came out in response to the massive amount of negative images of women in the music and television industries. In the narrative, Seales poses as several different characters and some men as a retrospection to what today’s society finds as entertainment.

Seales notes that when she was growing up there were many positive and powerful women being the best at their craft. These women possessed a quality beyond their talents that inspired forthcoming generations to do great things with their own talents. However the reality of contemporary culture relies in reality TV stars fighting and spitting on one another in public places and female MC’s creating an army of Barbie “wanna-bees”

 This narrative certainly puts into perspective the question of what values are we sending to our younger generations.  C

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