Authentic Living and other New Year Intentions

I think most people would agree that 2018 has been a whirlwind of a year. Despite the ups and downs of the year, I have managed to keep my cool in the face of adversity, let go of limiting beliefs and reign in on my perfectionist tendencies. I’ve learned the value of self-reflection and self-awareness, not as tools to tear myself down as my anxiety would have me do but as a way to see areas that need improvement. I’m on a journey to live a more authentic life and that means, letting go of negative behaviors and things that no longer serve me. This journey is not easy, straightforward or simple but it is necessary for my growth. I have encountered the same obstacles multiple times before realizing how to overcome them. But becoming a better version of myself, living a life that I love, makes all the battles I’ve fought worth it. I’ve realized that I am worthy and deserving of happiness so my goal is to create a life of happiness. I realize that things will happen that I cannot control but I can control my response and chose not to react rashly.

My 2018 intentions included protecting my peace by saying no more often, being bold, resilient and radiant. As I reflect back on the year, I am proud of myself for learning to bounce back from my anxiety better than I had in the past. I was determined not to let anxiety or depression conquer me. I stuck to my self-care routine of yoga, journaling, meditation, face masks, and downtime. One thing I know for sure is that self-care is key for me to operate at my best and no one else knows what I need more than me. Therefore it is up to me to stand up for my needs by speaking my truth.

My intentions for 2019 include being more authentic by speaking my truth, taking up space and setting boundaries. I realize that I cannot control how people receive me but I can control my intent. I’m often giving so much of myself to others but I must remember that I am also deserving of my own goodness. I plan to set more boundaries giving myself the time and space I need to create and be myself. Comment below your intentions for 2018.


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  1. This resonates. Thanks for sharing your journey + intentions with us.

    My 2018 theme was to flourish. I feel I did this spiritually + physically + artistically, + civically.

    By God’s great grace my 2019 intentions include:
    discipleship: reading through the BIBLE + boldly spreading pervasive hope, international (Caribbean) + national (California) travels, breaking into tech/startups, and launching profitable virtual small business + civic consulting ventures.
    I will volunteer less, yet serve more strategically.
    I work in the private sector.
    I will improve my credit.
    I will build better wealth management habits and maintain them..
    I will continue to exercise 5 days a week and step-up strength training to gain muscle + ab definition.
    I will relocate + thrive in a new city.
    I will refresh my coding, graphic design, + web development skills and put them to practice monthly.

    Adventures awaits!

    Peace & New Year Prosperity to you and yours!
    susana pablo
    Inspiration is free. – #spizzizm

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