Battling Self-Doubt, Negative Thoughts & Impostor Syndrome

It is true that our biggest critic is often ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with influences telling us, how we should act, speak and where we should be in life by now. Truth is, there is not a set standard for how we should live our lives and where we should be in life by a certain date. We are all living our own purposes, on our own journeys. The trouble with negative thinking is that we hold our lives up against that of others and the media. These influence cause us to view ourselves as less than. Instead of seeking to build ourselves up, all we can see are flaws. There are enough negative sources around us, influencing us such as the media, and people in our lives. Instead of allowing yourself to default to the negative, make a conscious effort to think more positively.

Check your perspective. See the big picture. See yourself the way others do. While you may beat yourself up over something not being done as perfectly as you envisioned, others may be inspired by your work. Choose to see the big picture. Change your mindset from “I didn’t complete it perfectly” to, “I completed a task.” Learn to acknowledge all your accomplishments no matter how small they may seem.

Actively change your thoughts. For each negative thought you may have about yourself find one true positive statement to counter it. Negative thoughts don’t go away on their own, you have to change your thought process. Learn to speak to yourself and about yourself more gently and positively.

Remember your accomplishments. When you get to thinking you are not enough and you don’t have the skills necessary to complete a task or project, remember all the things you have done well that have brought you to this moment. Make a running list of all the things you have accomplished this year and continue to add to it. When you are feeling like a failure, look at the list and be reminded of your greatness.

Speak positive affirmations. Begin your day with a positive statement about yourself to frame your day. “I am capable and can handle whatever the day brings”. In the middle of the afternoon when you begin to feel overwhelmed and less than remind yourself, “I am capable and have the ability to finish this day strong”. Be your own cheerleader, cheer yourself on throughout your day. You got this!

10 thoughts on “Battling Self-Doubt, Negative Thoughts & Impostor Syndrome”

  1. Reblogged this on LADYHOOD journey and commented:
    This post is full of empowerment, light, self-love and growing stronger by appreciating the good in ourselves. It is not always easy to stay positive. Self-doubt can take root on your hopes and overpower everything benefical you want to accomplish but just like the author, Jessica Corbin states “For each negative thought you may have about yourself, find one true positive statement to counter it.”

    To learn more about battling self-doubt, this is a must read!

  2. This was good. It’s sad that people actually have themselves on a time limit to have certain things accomplished. I used to be that type of person. It doesn’t mean you’re missing out, it means you’re moving at your own pace. For the month I’m doing a #StopDropAffirm challenge where everyday I’m posting 5 positive affirmations. Not only to help me, but also anyone else that will find it beneficial.

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