BE A Dream Chaser!

Today I attended, The Bookert Agency’s Dream Big Luncheon and Award Ceremony.  The event honored several individuals in the midlands who are living their dreams by using their talents to give back to the community. The room was filled with entrepreneurs living their dreams and celebrating one another.

The award winners encouraged the audience to never give up on your dreams and to trust in your abilities. The speakers made a point to appreciate how important it is to be honored in your own community. What keeps a dream chaser going is the motivaation that they are creating a better place than the one they came from.

Honoree Kevin Rasberry mentioned that your life is a collection of decisions that you make. It is up to us as individuals to create the life we want for ourselves, our families and our communities. To be a Dream Chaser, one must believe in their dream wholeheartedly and have a team of hardworking people who also believe in your dream. Second, have a mentor and Never give up on your dream.

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