Black Girls Rock Because We Are Queens

bgrBlack Girls Rock made it a point to make every Black girl or woman watching feel important, necessary and free to be who you are. The ladies behind HelloBeautiful interviewed a few beautiful black Queens on the pink carpet entering Black Girls Rock and asked them what it meant to be a Queen.

Michelle Williams said a Queen in three words is resilient, honorable and victorious. Erica Ash pointed out that a Queen is aware of who she is and where she comes from and is one that helps others. Queen Latifah herself defined a queen as one who owns their identity, power and is confident in her womanhood, “Being a female and being proud of it”.

As a Black Girl who Rocks, I am a Queen because I believe in the strength and power of who I am and I am unafraid to go after my goals and dreams.

Why are you a Queen?

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