Book Club Update 2: “The Truth About Awiti”

awitiThanks to you the book club is on a roll! We are having a great time reading, The Truth About Awiti by CP Patrick. This novel of historical Fantasy follows the story of Awiti Akoth, born with the power to control storms. She was a by-product of the initial Portuguese raiders in 15th century Africa. When the slave raiders came to her village, she runs for her life, heading her father’s warning. Awiti Seeks refuge in the Oyo Kingdom, here she receives the gift of immortality. The novel follows Awiti as she exacts her revenge on the descendants of slave raiders through the 21st century.

So far, we have read and discussed chapters 1-14. My favorite part about reading this novel is that it revolves around many real life events, many of which I had not been previously aware of. This novel teaches you about the history of black people in America and the possibility of our power. From the gruesome and inhumane events of the middle passage and life on the plantation to the days of Jim crow and in recent times we are reminded of the injustices against our people and applaud Awiti of her mighty acts of revenge.

Book Club discussions are held Wednesdays at 8PM in the Facebook group. Each week try to read 7 chapters and make note of interesting events and themes. The author of the novel CP Patrick will be joining our Facebook discussions and has agreed to do a skype chat with us on Wednesday August 31st at 8PM! Follow me on skype “ReCreatingher”. The next discussion will be Wednesday August 24th, we will be discussing chapters 15 – 21.

Where are you in your reading? What part are you excited to discuss?

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