Book Club Update : The Truth About Awiti

awiti This has been such a busy summer, I can hardly believe it’s almost over. I am relaunching the book club on August 10th, 2016, we will be reading The Truth About Awiti by CP Patrick.

CP Patrick’s The Truth About Awiti, tells the story of an immortal black woman that has lived through the initial slave raids of Africa and is still alive today. Awiti was given the gift of immortality but soon learns it is a curse, while she will never grow old and die, her loved ones will. After facing the harsh realities of her powers, Awiti, who was also born with the gift to create storms, uses her abilities to terrorize the descendants of the people who kidnapped her family. Through her many adventures, readers learn the bittering history of what black people have lived through. From slave ships, slave plantations, Jim Crow, and modern days, Awiti shares her destructive gifts with her enemies. The novel, is presented in the form of short stories, from the beginning days in Africa, year 1693, to 2005. This historical fantasy, will inspire you, make you proud and even cry.

There will be a open discussion available on my Facebook event page each Wednesday at 8PM starting August 10th, 2016, feel free to leave your comments about the weeks chapters anytime .  Each week try to read 4 chapters and make note of recurring themes and issues you feel of importance. Sign up for my newsletter and earn weekly check ins.

Don’t feel pressured to meet a deadline, just read what you can and join in the discussions with your thoughts. Please reach out to me about any questions.

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  1. This is a GREAT idea. I definitely just talked about how much I need to get back into the love I had for reading books, especially meaningful ones. I look forward to participating.

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