Book Review: Memoirs to Me: Lessons in Blooming

Many of us, especially millennials, have done the journey work to heal from past traumas and become self-aware. We may have shared our stories with our families and close friends but how many of us are willing to write a 173-page book about it, to help others grow.

In Brittaney C. Major’s book Memoirs to me: Lessons in Blooming, She shares in the introduction how she overcame seasons of doubt and disappointment and began her self-love journey. Through this journey, she discovered the “beautiful and broken parts of her and decided to evolve fully into it.” The book is filled with lessons from that journey as letters of encouragement to become aware of our own darkness and light and to begin to fully embrace all that we are.

Each poem be it long or short, is inspiring and thought-provoking. As you reach the end of the book, included are journal prompts to aid in your own self-love journey and empty space to free-write. The poems really hit home as I continue on my own journey embracing my true self, leaning into authenticity and self-compassion and away from perfectionism and habits that no longer serve me. I enjoy using this book as a companion in my journaling and meditation practice. If you’re looking for a book for inspiration on your own journey, I highly recommend Memoirs to me: Lessons in Blooming by Brittaney C. Major

Why did you write this book and why was it so important to share these lessons?

Brittaney: It’s crazy to me that what was once just my journal entries are now an entire published work. This was not my intention nor my plan but God has a way of pulling things out of you that you had no idea existed. Once I began sharing them with friends, it made me realize how these words weren’t just meant to bring hope and healing to my own soul, but to so many others I had never met before. Following my passion and the inkling of courage I had at the time, lead time to this very moment and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

What do you hope readers gain from reading your book?

Brittaney: My prayer for those who read my book is that I encourage them to check in with themselves and evaluate the journeys they have lead already and prepare them for the one they still have yet to tread.

Will you be publishing more books or workbooks in the future.

Brittaney: I hope so. I have some ideas in my head but not rushing it.

Where can readers find you and your book on the web?

Brittaney: My website

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