Demand Happiness Ladies!!

Nicki minaj got it right, women should demand orgasms and by doing such also demand happiness. As women, we often put the happiness of others before our own. We even at times allow others to control our happiness. We often take the higher ground by convincing ourselves that the happiness of those we love will make us happy. While we we should want those around us to be happy, our own happiness should not be contingent on that fact. Women should continue to demand equality. It is not selfish to want to receive the same effort we put into any relationship.

In the July issue of Cosmo Magazine, when Nicki is questioned if she is low or high maintenance in bed, she replies ” High because I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that. I have a friend that has never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart.” To have an orgasm means to be involved with a partner that cares about your happiness and you having an equally satisfying experience. To have never had an orgasm for a woman who is sexuality active, that is a problem.

In the bedroom and out, women should demand that our needs are satisfied, especially if we are satisfying the needs of others. Nicki goes on to say that her friend sees herself as a pleaser. It is fine to want to please your partner but your partner should be equally wiling to please you. If there are things your partner does that makes you unhappy speak up about it and discuss a way to correct the situation. While there will always be people in our lives we love to please, those people should equally see you as a person they love to please. If we do not put ourselves and our own happiness first, we cannot expect others to do so.


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