Demanding Civil Rights

Tonight, protestors around the world gathered in remembrance of all the black lives lost this year due to police brutality. In Columbia South Carolina advocates gathered in front of the state house with signs and posters demanding for equality.

Protestors chanted in unison “No Justice, No Peace” as police officers blocked off Main Street so no though traffic could see or get to the vigil gathering for our lost souls. Police officers then demanded advocates standing in the median with signs to move to the other side of the street.

The purpose of this gathering was to show support and solidarity for the lost lives, yet Columbia police officers showed their true colors when they attempted to control the crowd and reverse traffic.

Police officers are expected to protect and serve the community, yet in recent events they gave gotten away with murdering innocent African Americans. I am left with the question of, how am I as a black person to feel safe when city appointed officials are my enemy.

For too long my people have been treated as second class citizens, killed, brutalized and stereotyped for simply existing in black bodies. The time has come for us to unite as one and take a stand against inequality. How many black bodies will continue to die in cold blood before a change is made? For How long will my skin color speak before my character?? Who will join the fight??

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