Don’t Put off Tomorrow What Can be Done Today

Quotes-for-Today-04 It’s the end of the day, the house is messy and there is work to be done but you just cant fix yourself to do it now. SO why not leave that work for tomorrow? Well, tomorrow will be filled with it’s own troubles that you cannot possible imagine.

The bloggers behind the Curlbox blog put out a great article on a few things you can start doing today to make for a much happier tomorrow.

Step 1. Clean up now! Your morning will be a lot smoother when you wake to find everything in its place and nothing to stumble over as you get ready.

Step 2. Prepare your look for the next day, the night before. Go ahead and prepare your outfit along with your hair and makeup. The bulk of my morning consists of getting my hair just right to face corporate america and as a girl with natural hair this is not an easy feat. To avoid being late, I prep my hair at night for the perfect look the next morning.

Step 3. Move Around! Set your alarm to an upbeat song and pick a playlist that gets you inspired as you get ready to face the day. Stretch those sleepy limbs awake by dancing along to your favorite jams.

Step 4. Avoid using snooze multiple times. Chances are, if you set an alarm you need to be awake by a certain time so skip the snooze button and get on up! Studies show that sleeping in that extra 5-10 actually makes you more tired. Don’t fight the day, embrace it.

Step 5. Avoid the urge to send that “Good Morning” tweet. The social media world can wait until your day has actually begun before you jump online. Taking on the thoughts of others first thing in the morning can dampen your mood. Start the day with your own positive vibes.

What is involved in your morning routine?

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