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If you subscribe to my newsletter then you know my new favorite thing is drinking herbal tea. It started as a way to be healthier and find a better solution than wine to help me wind down at the end of the day. So, I scoured the net in search of black owned tea companies and among the multitudes, I found a little online shop, by the name of Ivy’s Tea Company. After following Ivy’s Tea Company on Instagram and ordering a few batches, I fell in love! I reached out to the owner and Herbalist in charge Shanae, to learn more about her “Trap Tea” game.

 “Ivy’s Tea Co. is an urban holistic health company – every decision about the company is made with an urban/pop culture perspective.” The shop officially launched in November 2016. Ivy’s Tea Company’s “motto is, “Drink tea like an adult.” When it comes to your health, you must take it seriously, don’t be childish, it’s time to stop “Bsing” and get to work. Start with Ivy’s Tea Co. and make it easier.” Unlike major tea companies, Ivy’s Tea Co., offers holistic products designed with the Black community in mind, both their products and branding reflect that.

The herbs used in the teas or tisanes produced by Ivy’s Tea Co., come from a variety of places including Jamaica, and minority owned farms in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area, particularly a local CSA in Hyattsville, MD. When asked if herbal tea can expire, the herbalist replied that “high quality, properly dried herbs can last for one to two years”, If you manage to keep them that long. I usually go through my ever growing tea collection in a matter of months. While each tea tastes different once you begin trying a variety of teas you’ll begin to enjoy the exploration of how the herbs affect your health and overall wellness.

One thing I love about this company is that they make it a priority to provide consumers with the best product for their money and health. “Ivy’s Tea Co. teas are special because they are organic and locally sourced and fair trade. At Ivy’s Tea Co., You get a handcrafted healthy product that won’t hurt you every single time you place an order. We’re consistent, we’re honest, we’re real and we pass that on to you, the consumer” per Ivy’s Tea Co.

For those who are new to herbal tea drinking, Ivy’s Tea Company offers the following advise.

If you’re new to herbal tea, all you really need to know is that by making the decision to add herbal teas into your diet, you’re making a great decision and you cannot lose! But here are a few more practical tips:

  • Whenever deciding to use herbs, remember to be smart and use caution, of course – too much of anything is bad and organic and local is always best.  

  • Herbs aren’t like chemicals – they take time to work and you must consider everything going on with your body when looking to treat any sort of dis-ease in your body (like how much water you drink, are you spending enough time outside, are you doing the things that make you happy, etc.)

  • Be adventurous. Don’t just stick to what you know, it’s perfectly OK to buy an herbal tea that you’ve never had before. Research the ingredients and give it a shot.”

Currently the most popular herbal tea offered by Ivy’s Tea Co., is “Rise & Grind, a fair trade black tea with coconut and vanilla – real coconut and real vanilla. The ingredients are all organic and the tea helps improve focus and give you energy. No lie.” If you’re interested in trying some herbal tea, I encourage you to purchase Rise & Grind as it is an alternative to coffee and is much better for your health.


In the future, Shanae hopes to “establish a brick and mortar/storefront where I am able to hire and empower other people of color, like myself. I see myself as a socially conscious entrepreneur and business owner, there aren’t many of us, and I have the chance to do something about it.” Do your community a favor and Support Black owned businesses like Ivy’s Tea Company and the many others. According to the latest Neilsen report, the spending power of African Americans has reached a tipping point almost surpassing that of white Americans. To make use of that spending power, let’s put it back into our own communities and uplift each other. Join me in supporting Ivy’s Tea Company and “Drink Tea Like an Adult” with the full awareness that with every sip you are improving your overall wellness and supporting your community.

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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. I’ve always loved tea and I’m cutting back on coffee and would like to drink more of it. Definitely will check this company out. Support black businesses

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