J.Rochelle LoweryModel, business consultant and PR extraordinaire, J. Rochelle Lowery is a young woman well on her way to developing a strong career, not only for herself, but for those she guides, as well. Lowery is currently working as the community relations director at Columbia Fashion Alliance while completing her bachelor’s degree in public relations at the University of South Carolina. She says that what she enjoys most about her work with the alliance is that it gives her the opportunity to communicate with various Columbia entrepreneurs and that she is able to help people to see that unification can improve business for all parties involved by emphasizing similarities instead than differences.

As a model Lowery is interested in inspiring women to accept and love the body they were born with and ending the mis-education that one is not good enough because they do not look like the ideal model. Her goal is to reverse the trend of photo-shopped images that hold women to impossible beauty standards, which many models do not meet off magazine pages .

In the public relations, Lowery is currently working to help plan Columbia Fashion Week and Hair Walk: The Movement 2014 as well as community relations campaigns for Columbia Fashion Alliance. As a business consultant she has a few non-profit organizations in the works and will soon engage in a study of Columbia’s emerging fashion scene. In Columbia Fashion Week, Lowery also modeled and arranged the fashion panel and celebrity runway showcase.  Her involvement with the Columbia Hair Walk: The Movement includes recruiting designers and developing the campaign for which Hair Walk has become known. With so much keeping her busy, Lowery says that while these events require a lot of work “I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” “I like the stress of the fast-paced environment.”

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