Fear the Walking Dead, more like Fear Black Actors

Since Fear the Walking Dead has been on the air a full 2 episodes, it has managed to kill all the major black characters. Show runner David Erickson, said in an interview with The Hollywood reporter that this was not planed, that producers were concerned with finding the best actors for the best parts. However when the discrepancy was noticed, no one bothered to change the script or the actors. 

The problem is that the producers did not bother to cast more black characters to avoid an issue such as this. The larger issue is that black actresses and actors are not the go-to for more serious roles in television and film. It appears that the industry reserves black actors for token roles drug dealers and lazy principals. 

As an avid T. V. Watcher and a fan of The Walking Dead Series, it is disheartening to know that they join forces with the ongoing continuous killing of people of color. However I am willing to stop watching the new series over an issue like this. Long gone are the days where black people are legally second class citizens. The stories and experiences of black people need to be filmed and televised, imaginary or otherwise. 

Hollywood needs to understand and appreciate the power of black consumers and if we all decided to not view and not purchase films and shows that disrespect Black lives, they would have to include us. As complex as the the lives of actual black peoples so should the characters on T.V. Be. We are more than the ghetto, hood, baby mama having weed, smoking inept characters television leads people to believe. 

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