February Self-Love Campaign

January is Self-Love month but if you read my blog, I’m sure you know that I make a practice of honoring self-love all year. For the month of February I will be introducing a 4-week email campaign to aid in your journey of self-discovery, self-compassion + self-love.

Self-love is not selfish. Self-Love is about honoring and respecting yourself enough to give yourself your best. It’s about setting boundaries, saying no and protecting your peace. Self-love is holding on the idea that you too deserve peace, happiness and joy. It’s about speaking up for yourself, honoring your body, resting when you need to and living from an authentic place. It’s about being vulnerable with yourself enough to see and speak your flaws and work through them. Self-love is treating yourself with kindness and gentleness.

During this 4- Week Series on Self-Love, each week you will receive an email with a note reminding you why it is important to prioritize self-love. The series will begin February 5th. Get ready to love yourself even more fiercely. The campaign will feature curated playlists, a meditation guide, journal prompts, affirmations fun downloads and more.

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