Feelin’ Pretty!!

2015, marks the year of the MakeMeOverEb! #FeelPretty tour. As such MMOE kicked off 2015 with the first #FeelPretty Beauty Brunch on Saturday, January 10th.

The brunch consisted of a delicious breakfast prepared by Eb herself as well as make up tips by Eb and natural hair tips by Karizma of Styles by Karizma.

After an intro by Eb, the attending guests were invited to give a brief introduction and share what makes them feel pretty. Among the things listed, included scarves, earrings, big Hair and make up. Interestingly these pretty ladies also included confidence, making people happy, black female solidarity and simply being in one’s natural self.

As women, we are often very concerned with making our appearance pretty but another important factor of that is knowing we are pretty in our natural un-embellished state. It is from this place where we build confidence in the beauty of who we are and use this confidence to build up our sisters and make others happy.

While pretty hair, a beat face and a fly outfit with banging assessories,often make a sistah feel like a top shelf beauty, our prettiness comes fine the inside and shines through all our adornment.


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