Feeling Pretty???

Ever feel like TLC’s “Unpretty”? It’s been a long week, you have work deadlines, your home is a mess and the last thing on your mind is feeling pretty. Feeling pretty Is more than make up and a great lipstick although that does help. Feeling pretty is about feeling great about who you are inside and out.

Start with your health, your body is truly your temple. What you put into your body manifests outwardly. Eat healthy, it will give you energy. Also exercise, it will give you strength. Get a new outfit or pull your favorite outfit from your closet and strut your style. Even if you know nothing about make up, nothing makes you feel prettier than a great lip color and a pretty eye shadow. Keep it simple or go big, use make up to enhance your great features. Try a fun new hair style, add some color or get a cut. Try something fresh and new. Always remember that you are enough, believe in yourself and your dreams.

I came to this conclusion at my last Mary Kay meeting. Your biggest encouragement will always be your support team of family and friends. In Mary Kay we support and encourage one another. Beauty and skin care is one part of Mary the next part includes honoring God and believing in yourself and your dreams.

If you have ever thought about joining Mary Kay or would like or have a Mary Kay party, please comment below.


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