Hair Dance inspiration!

hair-dance-dinah-johnson-hardcover-cover-artDo you love your hair? Does your hair have a rhythm and a song. Does your hair sway as you and blow in the wind? I’m sure it moves. Hair moves us. It is our crowning glory.

I recently read Dinah Johnson’s book Hair Dance to my class and we were also afforded the pleasure of having this local author visit our class.

While I had always thought hair was beautiful in every shape and form, this beautiful children’s book captured the true essence of the beauty of black hair.

Other books by professor Dinah Johnson included Black Magic and Quinnie Blue capture the beauty of the African American heritage. Black Magic is a book that combats the stereotypes that black equates something bad.

The older we are, the less likely we are to pick up a children’s book especially if we don’t have or work with kids but do yourself a favor and stop by the children’s section, you’ll be surprised at the wonders you’ll find.

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