How to use growth to inspire confidence

The key to growth is being honest with yourself and those around you about what you need to thrive and be happy. Growth involves being self-aware and gentle with yourself as you outgrow bad habits and heal from past traumas. Know this about the journey, growth is not linear, sometimes you have to go through the same trials to learn a lesson and become stronger and better from it. It’s about enjoying and taking note of the journey while being gentle with yourself as you make new discoveries about yourself.

For me, 2019 started out pretty turbulent but I was determined to be resilient no matter what came my way, how tough it got or how many hours of sleep that I lacked. I learned that self-love is key to confidence. I truly began to love the woman in the mirror, despite my flaws, fails or embarrassing moments. I realized that my self-worth doesn’t change by how many goals I accomplish, simply by being me, makes me enough and worthy of happiness and goodness.

This season I’m stepping fully in to authenticity and confidence. I’m doing the work to manifest my dreams and not letting my fears and doubts get in the way. As I approach year 29, looking back Over my twenties, I am grateful to my past, the people who’ve made an impact in my life for their support and encouragement along my journey. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m proud of the woman I’m growing into and where I’m going.

Something happens when you get older, grow and start living better. You start to take better care of your body better and start to really recognize what’s for you and what’s not for you. Some relationships in your life may change but you’ll be so secure in who you are and where you’re going in Life that you won’t be phased by it. You’ll feel lighter, have glowing skin and move with intention. As a reminder to keep a growth mindset, use the affirmations below.

I root for myself.

I believe in myself.

I cannot be limited.

I will walk in my truth.

I will Embrace change.

I will speak my truth.

I celebrate my uniqueness.

I am worthy of happiness and joy

I move with ease and intention.

I honor my needs by setting boundaries.

I will move with ease and not in a rush.

I will honor my self-worth even on my worst days.

I am honest with myself and others about my needs.

I take time to think about my needs before overextending myself to help others.

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