IMARA Woman Informs, Inspires and Empowers Columbia Community

unleashing_flyerThe lovely people behind IMARA Woman magazine, hosted their 12th annual Health Ministry Empowerment Tour this month and I was fortunate to attend the tour on the last stop in Columbia at Eau Claire High School.

As a social media marketing expert for I attended the “Ask the Doctor” session before the Make Me Over Eb! makeover session, which discussed several topics related to health and wellness of Black women. At the “Ask the Doctor” session, which focus was on illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and menopause, I learned that as a young woman in my twenties the way I treat my body now will impact greatly the illnesses I develop as an older woman. By eating healthier, reducing meat, fat and grease intake along with daily exercise, black women can extend the length of life and reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses. Leading a healthier life can even reduce the symptoms of menopause later in life.

Make Me Over Eb’s makeover session along with the help of Karizma the Stylist put on a presentation that both wowed the crowd and gave out valuable information. They along with myself as an assistant, gave out gift bags, surprise giveaways and even did a few live makeovers. Ebony Looney the Eb of stuck to the IMARA Woman theme that “One Small Change” can make a huge difference. By simply adding a colored scarf to an all black outfit one can spice up and ordinarily plain look. Scarves can be worn several ways and with winter season well on it’s way, they can be found all over the place.

Karizma the Stylist gave a few hair care tips as she specializes in Natural Hairstyling, Braids, Weave Techniques, Commercial Hair Installations. With just edge control cream, water and a few bobby pins she transformed the hairstyles of two audience members. Taking care of black hair is defiantly work but with the right tools and a steady stylist that knows your hair type and needs you can achieve the look you desire.

The sessions followed a Luncheon that featured a pink inspired fashion show with models from toddlers to our wisest members of our community. The lunch provided was a healthy plate of brown rice, green beans, baked chicken, salad and a multigrain role that was completely delicious.

Be sure to subscribe to Imara Woman Magazine for future events and a very inspiring magazine.

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