Introducing 2SCARVZ; a Forum

2SCARVZ is the collaboration of myself and my good friend Jasmine Benjamin. We exist as the voice of the black woman activist. 2SCARVZ was made possible through the encouragement and support of the students in our Black Feminist Thought class at Claflin University taught by the honorable Dr. Melissa Pearson.

Each month the founding and contributing members of 2SCARVZ, Mudiwa Pettus, Charity Taylor & Monae Bispham will come together to discuss current events from the perspective of the enlightened and educated black woman.

Topics will be proposed during the first week of the month and each member will submit their response of at least one paragraph and a compilation blog post will be posted by the 20th of the month. Anyone can propose a topic by submitting it directly to a founding or contributing member or to the contact form on this website.

Stay tuned…..


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