Is Natural Hair Just a Fad?

MNCC 2015 - Copy (2) Last night, I attended the 2nd Annual Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina, a natural hair beauty pageant. The theme was “Beauties in Business”. The pageant celebrates black women embracing their natural hair while pursuing business ambitions. This was truly a most beautiful event to attend, to be in one room with so many beautiful naturalistas.

One of the contestants was asked if “Natural Hair was just a fad.” She answered that it is a fad for some people and for others it is a lifestyle. While relaxer sales have significantly reduced in the last years, it would appear that the natural hair trend is more than a fad but a movement. I would agree that becoming a naturalite is a lifestyle change. Whether one believes it our not, once you begin to wear your hair natural, people will treat you differently.

My transition to natural hair, has been like most sisters, a journey. To return your hair to it’s natural state is a journey of self discovery and a redefinition of preconceived notions of beauty. One comes to realize that wearing natural hair is far more healthier. Also as each hair texture is uniquely different, you go on a journey to find the best products for care and style of your specific hair type. Through this process you begin to become slightly obsessed with your hair and making sure you are giving it the very best.

Hair care, styling and finding the best products for your hair is only one aspect. To keep your hair healthy, you also have to eat healthy and exercise weekly. The natural hair journey is the beginning to a healthier lifestyle.

I also notice that since I’ve been natural, I am approached more by sisters I don’t know with questions or admiration of my hair. I welcome the meeting of more naturalistias and hope that for more black women, natural hair is more than a fad but a lifestyle.

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