Journaling my way through Growth, The Power of the Journal

So I recently began journaling again as a way to de-stress. As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved writing and have believed strongly in the power of words. However, as I have gotten older, I have found myself out of the rhythm of writing. Sure, I  compose thousands of text messages and emails a month but actually writing out my personal thoughts of how I’m feeling to myself is a different experience.

Journaling serves as a tool to record your life and how you truly feel about the things going on around you. When there are things on your mind that you must discuss but can’t really share with anyone, write it down. Your hopes, dreams and goals should also be written down. If your are dealing with a difficult problem that you can’t quite figure out, write about it until you find a solution. Put your stresses on the page and leave them there. You will find that after writing you’ll have sense of clarity and relief.

Start journaling today, with a cute journal and a great pen and let your thoughts flow. Find a time that works for you, maybe after work or before bed and be consistent, even of you don’t feel that you have much to write. Start with your thoughts, review your day or set your intentions for the week. The more you write, the easier this exercise will become. One your journal is filled with entries, go back and read your early pages and reflect on your growth.

Try this simple, inexpensive self-care technique for more calm and clarity in your life.

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