Meet Taylor Marie of StyleCurls

tay styleRecently, I had the opportunity to correspond with the creator of StyleCurls YouTube account, Taylor Marie. She created StyleCurls to “help naturally curly women and girls make everyday a good hair day. The goal of StyleCurls is to celebrate the community of waves, kinks and curls.

In conducting research for ways to style her own hair, Taylor found many blogs that showed complicated and conflicting information, so she decided to create her own hair blog as a “simple one stop, how-to shop”. She came to embrace her naturally curly hair in 2009, after experimenting with different products and learning that she could make her natural hair look good. Her go-to style involves using a claw clip to create a “half up” style, (see the tutorial below). Her advice to someone who is interested in creating a YouTube beauty blog is to “know your audience”. Have a clear idea about who you are speaking to and want they are interested in. For each video answer these questions, “Who is the person that is going to watch the video and what do they like?, why should they watch this and what will  they learn?”

Her personal mantra is “you are what you repeatedly do”, whatever your talent, goal or dream is, you must practice it. Her second mantra is to remember that decisions are made from either love or fear. Always make choices out of self love and not out of fear of the consequences.

Be sure to check out Taylor’s videos under her StyleCurl account and subscribe. You can also check her out on Facebook as CurlyCurlsRule and on twitter as StyleCurlsTay. She has a great bubbly personality and her videos are very informative. The great thing about the curly hair community is that no matter our individual hair texture there is a great variety of looks we can achieve and StyleCurls can show you how!

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