My Year in Review

2014willbemine2013, has been a pretty huge year for me, personally, professionally and emotionally. As 2013 began I faced the last semester of my senior year in college. During this time I grew as a person through travel and study I became a black feminist, an activist poet and even a role model. I severed as president and founder of Claflin University’s first Women’s group (MISS) and Underground poetry society. I struggled through completing my thesis and degree requirements and did so with flying colors if I do say so myself.
After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English, I moved into my first apartment with the love of my life (but that’s another story). I started my first full time job in July as a sales rep for AT&T. I later left that job to return to my first professional love, working with children. When that job wasn’t making me enough money to live comfortably, I discovered how to use my other talents to make money. I know work as a Social Media Strategist for and a Freelance writer for So my ultimate goal of getting paid to do what I really love, write and run a successful blog are slowly coming into the works and I look forward to 2014 taking me a whole lot closer.
One the relationship front, 2013 was my year of love. January will mark a year that my love and I have been dating and may the love continue in 2014.
2013 was truly my year of change and growth and I look forward to much more in 2014.
SO my New Year’s Resolutions are to:
1. Stick to a budget and save money
2. Make my professional dreams come true by being proactive
3. Simply enjoying life.
What are your New Year’s Resolutions???

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