ReCreate Your Best Self

The start of a new year is a time of refreshment , recreation and transformation. This is the best time to put stock in yourself and carry that confidence into the year. See below  4 Instagram accounts to motivate self improvement.

1. BrittanyJosephina, this self proclaimed emotional nudist and online therapist will give you just the push you need to be fearless enough to be your truest self.

2. BlackGirlInom, this global community seeks to inspire self care and sisterhood through yoga, meditation and all thing introspective. Contribute to their kickstarter here.

3. TerriLomax, of Mocha Girls Pit Stop helps women reach their goals and overcome fear. Be sure to register for her free webinar “Become Your Best Self; How to find your passion & Create a goal map to your dreams.”

4. TheFinanceBar, is a “personal finance mobile hub on wheels”. This mobile financial coach helps Spenders  design a a plan to save money.

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