Show Your Talent!

talent show Here’s to all those kids in the St. Andrews middle school talent show and every kid for that matter who has ever performed in a talent show. It takes a lot of courage to hold a stage and perform for an audience of people you do not know.

Tonight, I was invited to attend a middle school talent show and I must say that it was most entertaining. As a college grad, it feels so surreal to walk into a school again and be among middle school age children. I remember my own days in middle school and you can’t pay me to go back but to see those kids on stage, I wish I would have been more brave when I was in grade school. It was not until college that I began to come out of my shell and it is the best feeling in the world to be on stage sharing with the world that one thing you love the most to do.

Whatever your talent is; dance, song, playing an instrument, poetry, writing, studio arts or fashion, never give up on your passion. The arts are an important element of life and a necessary part of society. Your talents can pave the way for a wonderful future of making money off of what you love to do and what could be better than that?

The finer arts speak to us on a higher level, they feed our soul and enlighten our mind. To have a talent is a gift from God. We should cherish it, appreciate it and likewise appreciate the talents of others.

That’s my Soapbox for today.

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