“Smooth at Any Phase” with sugaring hair removal

An afternoon at Yellow Moon Wax Studio

Smooth jazz, essential oil aromatherapy and good vibes is how I spent my Sunday afternoon with master wax specialist and owner of Yellow Moon Wax Studio, Heather Mitchell. While at the studio, I was offered the best customer service, as Heather made sure I comfortable at all times. She explained her methods and product application. The service also included a skincare consultation, where I learned more about what my skin needs for a healthy glow. I was also relieved to learn that most black women have oily skin and facial hair and these issued can be maintained with a regular skin care routine. Skin care is a form of self-care, paying attention to what your skin needs and treating it accordingly is the key to flawless skin. When your skin is healthy you are likely to feel more confident and comfortable in yourself.

For my first visit, I chose facial hair removal of sideburns, lip and eyebrows with the sugaring method versus waxing. The thick gel like substance is made of sugar, lemon and hot water. The sugar is applied to the area, similar to wax, pressure is applied then rubbed off pulling the hair from the root. Sugaring is a more gentle alternative to waxing as the sugar paste binds to the hair and not the skin as wax can sometimes do. For the best sugaring experience, make sure the area where the hair is being removed is dry and has been exfoliated to make it easier for the sugar paste to bind to the hair. After a sugaring, according to Heather,

“Similar to waxing be sure to not do anything vigorous for 24 hours, exfoliate twice a week 48 hours after your service, and keep you skin clean and hydrated. Also, try to avoid chemical heavy washes, lotions, and fragrances on your skin. Drink plenty of water. Healthy skin starts from the inside out.”

There are a ton of reasons to visit Yellow Moon, here are just a few;

  1. The studio is owned by a black woman, (from my hometown of Orangeburg, SC.)
  2. Heather cares intensely about the health of her clients skin and provides education on the keys to healthy skin care maintenance.
  3. Excellent Customer Service

When asked why she opened the studio, Heather had this to say;

“I started Yellow Moon because there a lack of representation in the skincare industry for women of color. Healthy skin should be just as important to WOC as getting their hair, nails, and lashes done. Your skin is the largest organ your body and how you take care of it is of vital importance. I know the term “black don’t crack” is very popular and widely used, but skin care should be a priority (and I’m sure your favorite actress even has an esthetician keeping her skin glowing at 40-something). So I concepted Yellow Moon Wax Studio to give a luxury spa experience packed with knowledge, customized treatments, and relaxation; all while remaining affordable.”

In addition to sugar hair removal, Yellow Moon also offers traditional wax hair removal, most popular are the Brazilian and armpit wax, aromatherapy, eyebrow, makeup services and even hair removal for “the Bros” This summer the studio will over more spa services including; facials, V-Facials (vagina facial) and Bridal Packages.

Do your skin a favor and treat yourself to the spa services offered at Yellow Moon Wax Studio. Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed and rejuvenated. Get your summer glow from Yellow Moon!

Jess and Heather Owner of Yellow Moon Wax Studio

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