Sometimes Self-Care Looks Like…

Self-Care is the way in which you show yourself love and is then manifested in intentional actions. Self-care can be any healthy habit that is intentional in putting your well being first. In order to be our best selves and live a full life it is essential to give ourselves rest and engage in activities that lift us up. Self-Care is not selfish, it is a way of showing yourself that you too deserve goodness, peace, calm and happiness. We too often deny ourselves the small joys in life because we are too busy trying to check all the boxes and complete 10 page to-do lists. The act of self-care is our daily reminder to take a break, take a breath and do something for our own happiness. It’s about giving yourself the fuel you need to keep going. It’s about giving yourself the best possible advantage to living a full life.

Audre Lorde notes that “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

We must practice self-care to stay sane and ourselves in this world. Most often when we hear about self care, it involves journaling, reading, yoga, meditation or a nice warm bath, and while those are some great ways to practice self-care, here I offer some alternative activities for self-care.

Girls night out!

Spend the night out and let your hair down. Treat yourself to a good time with some good friends. Whether you’re going out to poetry night, a party or just dinner. The act of dressing up, doing your hair, makeup and putting on a really cute outfit makes you feel good. Also, spending time with a supportive group of women enjoying yourself is a great way to treat yourself to a good time.

Daily Affirmations

I begin and end each day with positive affirmations. My soundcloud account is filled with magical black women sharing positive vibes, helping me to “get my life”. Listening to affirmations as you’re getting ready for the day helps to set the mood for the day and invoke positivity. Also try writing out your own affirmations in the evenings as a relaxation technique, this activity will help to expel any negative thoughts from your day before going to bed.


If your talent is to write, draw, paint, cook or even color, create it! We often get caught up in doing things for money but when is the last time you created something just for you? Create something for the beauty and the fun of it. Either alone or with friends, cook a meal, bake a cake or partake in a “paint-n-sip” night. Create something not for profit or gain but for the art of it. Let yourself enjoy the process of creating and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Work up a Sweat

Give yourself a good intense workout, more than that one yoga class a week, engage in a physical activity that will make you sweat. Run a few laps at your local track or around your neighborhood, take that class at the gym you’ve been avoiding or play tennis with some friends. Do an activity to get your heart pumping and reap the benefits of a job well done and good night’s rest.

Spend time Alone

Spending time alone is essential to your energy levels and is great for getting in touch with your intuition. Especially if you are a Highly Sensitive Person, it is vital to take time out each day to recharge. Make time in your schedule to be alone and make the most of this time by using it to read or journal. The next time you have to drive a long distance, use this opportunity to listen to a great album from start to finish and simply reflect.

How do you indulge in self-care?

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