Spoken Word

I fancy myself a bit of a poet, below you will read my original pieces.


To Black Girls

Black Girls
Be Unafraid to be completely who you are
Wear your hair wild and free
speak words of consciousness
sing out loud
speak the truth
Yell to the top of your lungs
so you know they hear you
wear your ornaments of not just gold and silver
but hand made too of yarn and twine
of found things
make something out of things left behind
dress how you feel
mix hues of reds and blues
burn down images of stars and stripes and stereotypes
chant the chorus of one love
teach them to emancipate themselves from mental slavery
sing along you know the words
don’t just speak them
believe them
be them
be the force
the voice of the people
the prophet that cannot be shot down
stand strong let your wings fly
to the rhythm of your soul
pierce your skin
ink your bodies
stand for something
be down for the cause
tune in but do not cop out
the revolution will not be televised
it will be live
but only if you are wise enough to notice
black girls open your mind
pay attention
spread your wings and
be free