Teaching Myself how to Breathe: Lessons in Growth

Lesson 1: Know that growth means you will encounter the same battles over and over until you have mastered what life is trying to teach you. You will fall completely apart, just to put yourself back together. “Healing is the end of conflict with yourself.”

Lesson 2: Learn the difference between when to ask for help and when to summon Black Girl Magic to handle things on your own but know that you do not have to do it all on your own. You are not a superwoman.

Lesson 3: People pleasing Is not a virtue. You cannot please everyone all the time. Do the thing that feels the most right for you. People will have an opinion, no matter what you do, so do the thing that pleases you the most.

Lesson 4: Overcome limiting beliefs. Recognize yourself as the capable, responsible adult that you are. You are no longer governed by the rules placed upon you as a child. Do what makes you happy.

Lesson 5: Try the KoniMari Method and tidy up. Surround yourself and your spaces with things you love. Remove things from your space that serve no purpose. Stop hoarding things that have no value to you. Only Keep the things that matter.

Lesson 6: You will search for freedom and healing everywhere only to find that, it is within you. That thing that you are searching for to define you, is the very thing that you must create. Find a way to express yourself that is true and authentic.

Lesson 7: Things will not always go the way they normally do. Things will not always go according to plan and that’s okay. The spice of life is that things change. Embrace change and ride the wave. Learn to be flexible.

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