The Follow Up! Dear White People (New Film)

dear white peopleThe year 2013 appears to be a promising year for black cinema with the release of “The Best Man 2”, Forest Whittaker’s “The Butler” and “Black Nativity”. All of which appear to bring back that element that has been missing from black film in general especially since the success of Tyler Perry films.

This year has also had a considerable number of black documentaries that have made it to at least select theaters. Some noteworthy documentaries include “Free Angela & All Political Prisoners” and Terence Nance’s “An OverSimplification Of Her Beauty”. ( The two contrast greatly, one explores the sacrifices African Americans have made to be treated as not merely citizens of this country but human beings. The other, a real life glance into the lives of educated African Americans in this “post racial” state.

It is sad to note however that in an America that claims to be so forward thinking, there are few films that make it to the big screen that accurately depict black life in America. Thus I introduce to you the film that had finally recently began production, “Dear White People”.

A year ago this month, writer, director and producer Justin Simien along with his production staff and crew released the concept trailer for a new movie called “Dear White People”. The film follows co-ed Sam White as she goes on to expose the racial problem at her institution of choice Manchester University, a PWI (Predominantly White Institution). She does such by means of her university based radio show in which she weaves an open letter to White people in general about their racist tendencies. She begins with “Dear White People, the number of black friends required to not seem racist has moved up to two”, she further comments not to ask to touch black hair as it is not a petting Zoo. The film also explores interracial relationships and the concept of who and what determines what “blackness” is.

The making of this film has come a long way to gain both artistic and financial backing. Check out the Trailer ( and support this film by making sure it comes to a theater near you.

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