The problem with the Police 

From the time our ancestors were brought into this country there has been a mistrust among the police and people of color. The police in this country have never had the priority to protect people of color. They are more interested in protecting their own interests. 

I found it quite interesting that police officials thought it necessary to “beef up security” for movie goers attending “Straight Outta Compton”. Did they like the police in the film feel that the songs of NWA inspire riots? The main contributor of black rage riots in this country stem from the way police and others in a position of power treat people of color. 

While crime does exist and therefore police protection is necessary, one should not be assumed a criminal simply for the way they look. Furthermore a band should not be censored because police are offended by the words in a song. If police officers weren’t so busy trying to control the actions of innocent citizens and more focused on protecting the rights of all Americans, there would be less of a race problem in America. 

The problem boils down to the fact that most police officers are on a power trip. As the hall monitors of society they forget that it is  the law they represent and not their own interests. 

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